Your business should start with the Sales Activity FAB.

Management of all business history is a prerequisite for success. Enter only basic data. Value information necessary for business success Automatically generate and report.

With Sales Activity FAB Activity Pep, a simple yet powerful CRM solution Experience advanced business.

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It's clear why your business needs CRM. Increase the value of your business with Sale Activity


Improve your lead conversion rate


Revenue increase by salesperson


Improving customer retention


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23 %

Reduced sales and marketing expenses

Organize and integrate timelines for contact-driven interactions and activities

Focusing on the contact information of potential customers, existing customers, partners, agents, and representatives, all interactions related to customers ∙ new sales opportunities ∙ projects ∙ order contracts ∙ costs ∙ expenses are linked and organized, and an integrated activity base is formed. A systematic way to track and manage all histories from initial customer discovery to contract completion by completing the timeline for all events such as calls, emails, meetings, and issues connected to all activities in all configurations to plan and integrate additional activities It provides a business platform.

Illuminate all customer-facing activities and drill down to plan ∙ feedback

Information Windows - IW Dashboard

All information for sales generation, such as all activity information of company executives and employees, potential sales opportunities and sales trend information, and accurate matching of customer and person in charge information for sales, is provided through IW.니다.


After completing the basic settings following the guidance of Activity Pep, you can experience a powerful and advanced business optimized for the unique situation of the company. Activity Pep is a specialized CRM business solution.

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