Be Smart Factory with Human FAB of ATMANEULER

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Are you struggling with HR management and payroll automation? Human Tab will solve it for you.

01 The perfect HR solution

HUMAN FAB Human Pep accepts 100% of different personnel policies for each company through customization. If you are having difficulties in writing the personnel data required by the buyer, please solve it with Humanpep.

02 Complete payroll automation

Humanpep implements complete automation of payroll calculation by accommodating 100% of different payroll policies for each company. If you are having difficulties in automating payroll calculations, try knocking on Humenpep.

03 T&A equipment linkage

Card ∙ fingerprint reader ∙ mobile, etc. can be operated in conjunction with the attendance equipment of customers who are already using commuting and attendance equipment. No matter the type of equipment. Works with any device.

04 Mobile commuting check app

You can manage time and attendance by linking with Artman's mobile attendance management app, WorkCheck. When you arrive at the Wifi or GPS Zone set by the administrator, the mobile app automatically transmits it to Humanpep's central server.

05 Perfect time and attendance management

It reads the commuting records generated from commuting equipment and automatically determines and posts the type of attendance. It calculates the type of attendance and overtime working hours and links it to the salary calculation module.

06 Dynamic column application of salary items

Humanpep supports the pay item master to dynamically reflect different pay items for each company ∙ pay policy. The company can operate without restrictions on changing or adding pay items

07 Abundant personnel record information

The personal HR information system, which consists of individual main information and 9 category tab screens, can contain and manage a wealth of individual HR information.

08 Powerful dashboard

Sawing Pep supports a powerful dashboard function. You can make decisions for strategic HR management through the dashboard.

09 ERP interlocking ∙ integrated operation

If a customer who operates ERP wants to integrate Soing Pep by linking it with ERP, we provide support to link Soing Pep's Data Base to ERP.

10 Based on the latest global IT TECHNOLOGY

Operating on the basis of KASER, a global business platform based on the latest globally proven IT web technology, it provides the best user experience and technological advantages such as system scalability.

11 Multi-corporation ∙ Multi-user integrated operation

As it is operated on the basis of Atman Euler's global business integration platform Kaiser, it provides a simultaneous integrated use environment for multi-users of the company ∙ head office ∙ affiliates.

12 Full support for languages ​​around the world

Humanpep supports the global language for each user through the language master function. Users can select and operate their own language environment through a simple one-click of the mouse.

HR selected and operated stably by more than 150 Korean production subsidiaries in Indonesia and Vietnam

The system has been reborn as HUMAN FAB by upgrading its functions based on the latest global IT technology.

We present the master solution of HR management for overseas production corporations.



Time and Attendance Calculation Automation
Company ∙ Fully automates customer's time and attendance data through function customization by accommodating 100% of various and different time and attendance records for each situation.


Responding to buyer HR requirements
By accommodating 100% of the HR data requested by all buyers of customer companies such as Nike ∙ Adidas..


Payroll automation
By accommodating 100% of various different salary items and calculation methods for each company, Human Pep fully automates the customer's salary calculation through customization.


Humanpep operates on the foundation of the global integrated business platform KASER. Experience the power of Kaiser, the Atman Euler standard platform.