Be Smart Factory with Human FAB of ATMANEULER
by WEB ∙ Mobile ∙ IoT device


You can take a leap forward as a true smart company in the textile industry by using Soing Pep.

01 Textile Sewing Industry MES ∙ ERP

SEWING FAB sawing pep is a specialized solution for the textile and sewing industry based on professional knowledge and experience in sewing production, sales, and operation

02 Real-time synchronization with the field real-time system

We realize a POP system that synchronizes the system with the site by using IoT devices to transmit data from the operation site, such as warehouse, cutting, sewing, QC, outsourcing, completion, and shipment, to the central server directly at the time of occurrence.

03 LINE-MAP Optimal Scheduling

Based on the data that considers the delivery date of new order, the current work situation for each line and the learning curve, the actual work end date for each line is estimated and distributed to workable lines to automatically calculate and plan the optimized work schedule for each order.

04 Real-time production monitoring

Soing Pep collects data from production and operation sites in real time from the field directly to the system central server using IoT IoT devices and links them to calculations, analysis functions, and dashboards.

05 LINE-BEP real-time feedback

Based on the target Line-BEP registered in the Master, reference the real-time counted sewing performance data, calculate and feed back the actual line-BEP at the current point of the line and the cumulative, factory ∙ total BEP, and link it with the real-time dashboard.

06 Inventory data informatization

Material warehouse ∙ Each process ∙ Orders located in finished warehouse ∙ Inventory quantity for each item is caught in real time to determine whether there is an abnormality, and inventory data is informatized by linking with advance risk warning and cost ∙ dashboard.

07 COSTING Real-time cost

The cost of individual material ∙ each order ∙ process ∙ finished product is calculated in real time and linked to the dashboard. Soing Pep analyzes all current cost information to support users' strategic decision-making.

08 WHAT-IF simulation

Line-MAP ∙ Line-BEP ∙ Order ∙ Cost information is integrated to support a powerful What-if Simulation function that can analyze and simulate future or specific point in time profit or loss, breakeven break-even point, cash flow, etc.

09 Line balancing ∙ Performance meta-analysis

Based on the process analysis master information, the line balancing of individual sewing lines is calculated and fed back in real time, and the line balancing of the factory and the entire company is linked to the summary and dashboard.

10 Advance risk warning

We monitor the entire process from material preparation to order processing to determine if there is an abnormality in the delivery date. It determines the order (PO) that may cause a problem in advance and issues a risk alert for the process step and order details where abnormalities are detected.

11 Accident prevention issue management

Accidents can occur frequently during the order process. A strong ability to respond by sharing and communicating issues for accident prevention at all stages

12 Powerful Dashboard

Soing Pep can control the progress of the entire order and the entire production process, and provides a powerful dashboard function to identify problems, notice key information, and make strategic decisions.

13 Complete global language support

Worldwide language support for each user is supported through the language master function. Users can select and operate their own language environment through a simple one-click of the mouse.

14 Outsourcing line ∙ Integrated operation of multiple corporations at the head office

By providing the simultaneous integrated use environment of the company ∙ subcontractors ∙ headquarters ∙ affiliates, the entire order progress can be shared in real time and integrated decisions can be made.

15 HR - HUMAN FAB Integration

If Soing Pep is operated in conjunction with Atman Euler's HR solution Human Pep, individual performance information linked to production performance can be calculated and integrated into the company's decision-making for performance evaluation and performance analysis.


If it is operated in conjunction with Atman Euler's Accounting Solution Account Pep, accounting slips can be automatically generated and processed from the source of each module of Soing Pep.

17 Based on the latest global IT technology

By operating on the basis of KASER, a business platform with the latest globally proven IT web technology, it provides the best user experience and technological advantages such as flexible customization and scalability.

18 WEB ∙ Mobile ∙ IoT Device Integration

It is an integrated web, mobile, and IoT environment, but the Internet environment is not good.

We present the master solution of the textile and fashion industry to which the global cutting-edge 2009 IT technology is applied.

Innovate like never before.


Powerful component-based application ∙ Flexible customization application ∙ Selection and step-by-step integration of individual modules Real-time synchronization ∙ Powerful planning ∙ Smart factory ∙ Real-time decision-making can be implemented.

Order consultation ∙ Advance cost ∙ Sample Confirmed order ∙ Pre-delivery risk warning ∙ Actual requirements Shipping ∙ Post Cost ∙ Sales Performance Order Backlog Future Performance Order Evaluation Financial Order Value


Process analysis ∙ Outsourcing process ∙ Shipping plan Outline ∙ Material Required ∙ Color/Size Breakdown Line-MAP Scheduling ∙ Chart ∙ Load Analysis Target Line-BEP ∙ Future Performance ∙ Profit and Loss


Material ordering ∙ Material warehousing plan Material Arrival ∙ Unreceived material by order Material availability ∙ Advance risk warning Supplementary Materials ∙ Equipment ∙ Purchasing Performance


IoT real-time data gathering Cutting ∙ Sewing ∙ Finishing ∙ QC ∙ Meter Reading ∙ Outsourcing Real-time production performance ∙ Line balancing Production Availability Advance Risk Warning Entire production control system


import and export documents NEGO ∙ Settlement of incidental expenses NEGO


Raw and subsidiary material warehouse stock Inventory management by process ∙ Long-term inventory Sample ∙ Remaining stock ∙ Finished product stock Order-only ∙ Disposal incineration ∙ Unused and other collection and payment management


Commuting equipment ∙ Mobile linkage T&A data processing ∙ management Fully automated payroll calculation Buyer's needs HR complete report


Material ∙ Process ∙ Product ∙ Order Costing Pre- and post-cost Line-BEP calculation ∙ simulation ∙ analysis Local country ∙ Korean standard financial statements Real-time cost ∙ Accounting management


Order ∙ Planning Dashboard Real-time production control board Real-time IoT device control board system operation log board line balancing dashboard HR dashboard management dashboard Accident prevention issue control board

DASHBOARD ∙ Central Control Center

Item code systematization and standardization Coding ∙ Standardization of management items Operational process standardization Deduplication ∙ End to End Single Data Flow User-specific language (global language support) setting


The entire order process is remote Drill-down throughout the process Process residual process In-Out ∙ Balance Red-Yellow-Green Warning

TAP (Time and Action Planning)


Humanpep operates on the foundation of the global integrated business platform KASER. Experience the power of Kaiser, the Atman Euler standard platform.