Posted Date: 06/20/2022

Neuron Cell Body, Neuron and Embodied

The obvious and only purpose of what we see, learn and learn is to make it our own. Scientific thinking is a "skill" that is not easy to make on your own. It's beyond ordinary...

The obvious and only purpose of what we see, learn and learn is to make it our own. I don't just have it as an idea in my head, but I want to use it in the real world.

So, we “train” it to make it our own. If you want to take it in a short time, and if it is knowledge in text form, you can see it over and over and try to solve the problem and make it completely mine. Or you can get it at some point by accumulating and accumulating over a long period of time without intensive effort.

The expressions “I know with my heart, not my head, I know with my body,” are possible expressions when it is embodied as my own.

Whether it's mental or physical, being completely mine is nothing more than neuronal cell bodies and neurons forming a network in the brain, according to research in brain science. Being completely mine from the perspective of brain science is nothing more than a physical thing.

Scientific thinking is a "skill" that isn't easy to do on your own. It is thought that some kind of genius ability beyond the ordinary should be endowed. Just like Sherlock Holmes.

However, the current process of seeing texts about scientific thinking with your eyes and thinking with your head is the process in which nerve cells and neurons form a network of “scientific thinking” in the brain. A genius may not know it, but ordinary people like us will accumulate and accumulate such processes and at some point acquire such abilities.

In the process of constantly reading related articles, your head will start thinking at that moment, and you can gradually deepen your inner workings. That way, you will test it when you occasionally encounter situations in the real world. In doing so, I can make it more and more my own. The information network of neurons for scientific thinking will be fully formed in the brain.

Scientific thinking, namely Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Dupin, and Hannibal, such as Zhuge Resonance, can be compared as people who studied mind, but in any case, their extraordinary abilities can enrich our lives.

Let's try it out and use it on an interpersonal object.

A person who practices it in the real world is Dr. Goldlett, a physicist and business scientist. In order to systematize the thought process, Goldlet practiced and researched more than 200 times of linking real-world business and everyday problems with facts observed on paper in a causal relationship. In the process, he was able to obtain necessary and good theories and solutions to problems.

He uncovered numerous "errors" that had been adorned with authority and theory, and enabled us to awaken the thinking that had been dominated by authority and theory. He was able to get a way to prove the right thing, not from authority and theory, but from "the logic inherent in the situation." Since the discovery of arithmetic calculations by the American Management Accounting Association (IMA), this is the background to the emergence of a "thinking process" theory called the Thinking Process, which has been evaluated as the most important "intellectual achievement" of mankind. ASAM TESTING

Making it mine means that the neurons in the neuronal cell body form a network, and the process of thinking about scientific thinking while reading this article is the process of neurons forming a network. For "scientific thinking," neuron cells are interconnected information networks. "Scientific thinking" is also a methodology by which we can give each other "intellectual stimulation".