ATMANEULER is a global IT business-service specialist, providing knowledge-based business solutions that overcome space-time constraints, SW TOOL and service consulting. ATMANEULER is a corporate information system that is implemented to intentionally organize and configure the corporate information system to thoroughly focus the operational process and management decision-making on the business goal of the system. Regardless, we provide customized information systems and consulting to fit your business.


ATMANEULER, on the other hand, is an independent management knowledge system that synthesizes business knowledge verified in academia and global business fields, and reorganizes and systematizes it into a structure that can utilize advanced IT technology to create CRM SCM · ERP. Decision Making EIS-D55-8. It responds to all information elements required in the corporate management process by embedding inherence inside the system such as the back office.

In the process of performing ATMANEULER's information processing, mathematical theories such as marketing theory, scheduling, statistical theory, discrete mathematics, and hermeneutics rule, as well as physics thinking, accounting, and finance, which are defined as the disciplines of cash flow, management accounting, strategy theory, constraint theory roc Business theories such as etc. are involved, and machine learning and artificial intelligence functions based on them are implemented inside. Companies can project theories and functions demonstrated in academia and global business fields into management through AtMAN

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ATMANEULER is based on more than five hundred corporate environments for about 30 years, information system construction projects in various industries, consulting experience for government agencies/private companies, and academic skills such as accounting, finance, business theory science, and mathematics. The results accumulated through lectures in academia and research institutes, presentations at academic conferences and management conferences, and related book publication research and development are melted into its own solution, while AtMAN Article Edge is opened to share business knowledge.


ATMANEULER established a software development center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to establish an environment to provide economical customer service, and established ATMANEULER's positioning in the global market by operating a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia, the largest market in Southeast Asia, and promoting the establishment of a New York branch. are doing